Conduct a Home Inventory Every Year to Protect Yourself from Loss

home inventory sofa
Though your homeowners insurance policy provides the protection that you need in the event of a loss, your policy can only pay for items that you can document. To protect your belongings, conduct a home inventory to record everything you own. Should a loss occur, this inventory will assist you in quickly determining which items were destroyed or stolen.

Always make sure your homeowners policy is correct and up to date. If you upgrade your home with a new fence, granite counter tops, new flooring or other items this should be reflected in your policy. It is also important to make sure that details such as the square footage, year built, and lot size are correct. Use your smartphone or tablet to document all of the items in your home- room by room. Take pictures of everything and store it on a service such as Dropbox or Google images. This will insure that even if your device gets destroyed you can still access your inventory.

If you need an inventory checklist, AssureSouth can provide one to you! Simply email and we will provide you with a comprehensive checklist to help you conduct your yearly home inventory!


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